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Pet Rescue


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  • At PawMedX, we believe in helping companion animals who, through no fault of their own, are in need of rescue. We donate monies and products to rescue organizations throughout the United States. These monies are offered to help offset the operational expenses of caring for the animals. 
  • Secondly, PawMedX products are used to help rescued animals who are hungry, malnourished and in need of health care. We believe the PawMedx products can give them the nourishment and extra support they need to regain their health and be comfortable, happy, loving companions.

 > Join the Team! If you would like to offer additional donations or support to help with the PawMedX efforts, email us at:

> Also, feel free to email us if you know of a pet that needs a foster home. We will send notices to our customers who are waiting to help. Contact us through:

Together, we can all change animals' lives for the better.